Who I Work With

I support the owners of small to medium-sized architecture practices and design studios. My clients are ambitious, with a desire for change while recognising they don’t have all the solutions for success. I also collaborate with the Museum of Architecture where I am a regular lecturer for their Business Academy.

What I Do

I use my big-business experience and working knowledge of common issues across the creative industries to deliver practical and relevant solutions.

Here are some of the different ways we could work together:

Health Check

An assessment of your business, looking at how you run your business on a day-to-day basis and how you manage yourself and your employees.

What's in it for you

Strategy Development

Helping you review or create plans for the future which align with your personal and business ambitions.

What's in it for you

Leadership Development

Mentoring and coaching programmes to develop the skills and behaviours for you and your team to be your best at work.

What's in it for you

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