“I approached Sue to help us address some of the strategies that I was finding hard to identify and attend to and which were increasingly hampering our development as a company. My personal goal was to reduce long hours and build a future plan for the business.

Sue rapidly absorbed the structure of the business and our working methods in order to identify strategic processes that we both lacked and would benefit from. She helped us to develop our business plan and has given us tools to manage and measure progress against this plan.

Despite identifying some ineffective practices within the company she was never judgmental – always completely supportive and proactive – and she was able to tailor her approach to suit our situation. She is positive and energetic and manages to strike a balance between being personable and approachable, and professional and discrete; my employees responded really well to her.

Regular mentoring sessions allow me to maintain focus, helping me to keep things on track whilst we implement her suggestions and develop a new rhythm for the company.

I believe Sue has saved us several years of business development by enabling greater clarity across the practice, allowing us to do our jobs better and helping us to look to the future.”

Peter Laidler, Business Owner at Structure Workshop